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Revell: Klingon Battle Cruiser D7

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Klingon Battle Cruiser D7

I’ve finally gotten around to posting my work-in-progress Revell Klingon Battle Cruiser D7!





I’ve had these hanging around now for a long time and I didnt take a huge number of photos, wish I took more (will do next time) but here’s what I’ve got so far!




I’ve washed and tidied up the parts here and I’m about to start giving them a coat of adhesion promoter – to make sure the final paint job is hard-wearing.


Between here and the next photo I’ve given everything a coat of adhesion promoter and primer. The inside also had a black coat then a coat of reflective white. Overkill perhaps, but certainly no light will be leaking out!




Here I’ve got the engine circuit pulsing the two red outer LEDs while the two inner orange ones stay on. The back of the engine compartment is covered with grease proof paper to diffuse the light once it's all put together.




Testing the engine unit before putting it on the model. The red engine light pulses gently.






Here, I’ve pushed a red LED up in to the bridge area of the model and used hot glue to fill it in. To stop the light bleeding out I’ve painting the glue black.




I've pushed the LED in to the photon torpedo tube and glued it in to place. I've covered it in hot glue which I'm going to paint black to stop light leakage. You can also see the grease proof paper covernig the windows.




And here it is, the first real mistake :( I’ve Glued and light-locked all the parts for the head of the ship, now it’s time to glue the parts together…. The white LEDs in the image provide the white lighting for the front windows, but I’ve got the sticking upwards, so the top and bottom sections no longer fit together!




With some cursing and rearranging of the LED, glue and plastic in the head section it now all fits together nicely. The image shows it powered up.




The warp nacelles are pretty thin, especially with the clear parts fitted so I had to light them from the ends. The clear parts are again covered with grease proof paper to help soften the light. Hot glue (love that stuff) is again used to hold the LEDs in position. When the other half is put in place it’s a snug fit bit just about all fits.




Sorry about the focus on this one. I’m about to glue the top section and warp nacelles in to place. The photo shows the mess of wiring running through the model.




Not the best photo here, but the model is about ready for painting. I just need to mask all the clear parts first!


I hope I can find time to do the painting before Christmas, I’ll update here when I’ve got more to show!


Thanks all :)


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