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Centurion Mk.3 colour in Korea

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This topic has already been explored in 2010 in this forum, but I am afraid the answer was not clear-cut. So, what was the colour for Centurions Mk.3 during the korean war, SCC or rather Deep Bronze Green ?

There are some colour pictures of Centurions in the IWM collections ("The service of Sydney Sherriff in the Royal Armoured Corps in Korea") showing a rather deep green. Deep Bronze Green ? I am not a british colours specialist, but I am sure you can help.


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Centurions in Korea were still in SCC15.  Deep Bronze Green came later and was very much a peacetime colour.  Gloss paint is no use in combat, but is better for looking good for longer.  You could call SCC15 "dark".  It was much darker than Khaki Green and greener than US OD, which would make it look darker on some film types.


Colour photos of the period are not fully trustworthy because of the different way different film brands and types handled colours.  Colour values from an original print may also have been altered by scanning and by your monitor display and interface.

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I asked this question on ML a few years ago, when I started to convert an AFV Club Mk.5, and I was given the answer by (I believe) Mike Starmer, that it was SCC15.



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