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Here is my 1/20(ish) scratchbuilt carving of a 1956 Aston Martin DBR1. Carved from Lime finished with Danish Oil, with a few plastic and metal bits and pieces for the wheels. Took about a month, with a week of that waiting for the oil to dry.


Thanks for looking :)

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I conceed. 😞


That looks really good - and you finished it in quarter of the time I would have taken. Well done. ☹️


My planned build schedule has now been altered accordingly. My Aston Martin is now slated for 2021 or thereabouts. Once the Avro 504 is done I’ll be building a .....xfjygesjigt....which should take about a year. 


Now Redshift, be warned. If you start building ....an

xfjygesjigt....next, I’m gonna crawl down this internet connection and...




and you’ll be...




Enough said! 🤨


Capich? 🧐

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Given your apparent taste in subjects, that I would summarise as ‘British Icons of Speed and Power’ I believe there is no chance whatsoever of a repeat of this unfortunate incident. Not on the next subject anyway.  


If by some Zillion to one freak chance you pick this subject I will arrange for your flange to be purcussed until it goes retrograde! 😱

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3 hours ago, dadofthree said:


Gotta run, Bandsaw Steve will be after me now. 

Not much point in chasing you. That ship you’ve got there looks like the fastest piece of junk in galaxy. 🌌 

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On 19/12/2018 at 12:21, Bandsaw Steve said:

Hey... Redshift! 👋

Where’s your next project?

Your public awaits! 🤔

Hiya Steve

My next project started then fizzled out pretty quickly. It was going to be Fangio's Mercedes Benz W196, but I lost interest, probably too similar to the Aston. I'm going to be spending some time away from cars, planes and boats and looking at doing some proper woodcarving, birds and celtic knots and the like. I'll be back at some point with something more suitable. Keep going with the Avro, its starting to look pretty damn good.

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1 hour ago, Redshift said:

 looking at doing some proper woodcarving, birds and celtic knots and the like.

That’ll be good! Good luck with that. I’m sure that’ll all go very well.



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