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Fw.190A-8/R2 Upgrades (for Eduard) - 1:48 Eduard

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Fw.190A-8/R2 Upgrades (for Eduard)

1:48 Eduard




Eduard's newly issued early Fw.190A-8/R2 has been released in different boxings, now Eduard offer some upgrade sets for the kit. As always it's a modular approach, and you can choose what you use, with a guarantee that it'll fit your model just so, as it's by Eduard for Eduard.


As usual with Eduard's resin sets, they arrive in the familiar Brassin clamshell box, with the resin parts safely cocooned on dark grey foam inserts, and the instructions sandwiched between the two halves, doubling as the header card.  The larger sets are encased in an oblong box, with the resin parts safely cocooned on dark grey foam inserts, and the instructions sandwiched wrapped around, providing extra protection.



Fw.190A-8/R2 Cockpit (648426)

Consisting of resin, PE, decals and a small sheet of clear acetate film, the largest part of which is the cockpit tub with the aft decking and side consoles already moulded in.  The separate seat is prepared with its cushion and a set of pre-painted PE seatbelts, and fitted to the tub after the removal of some moulding flash that is indicated in red (already removed in the pics).  Resin control column, resin and PE rudder pedals, and the instrument panel are made up next, with the latter having the choice of using the PE panel with pre-printed dials, or a detailed resin part over which you apply a decal of the instruments.  Your choice!  The panel fits on ledges at the front of the side consoles, and the resin gunsight with PE and acetate parts slides into a groove in the upper panel.  The cowling fits over the top, and it too has cut-outs that need clearing of flash beforehand.


To fit the new cockpit inside the fuselage a pair of plastic wedges are removed from the inside, to be replaced with a detailed PE and resin trim wheel.  The assemblies should then fit neatly within, alongside the kit bulkhead, assuming you aren't taking advantage of any of the other sets I'll be mentioning in this review.  The set includes the opening mechanism and the pilot's head armour, which has a warning decal added to it after painting.  The interior roll-over frame is resin, and has delicate PE bracing wires linking to the rear, all of which fits inside the canopy after painting.  The canopy then installs as normal.







Update PE Set (48973)

The main thrust of this set is new main landing gear doors, there are also additional parts for the main gear bays, shell chutes in the wings, brake lines for the landing gear legs, external rack braces, some exterior fittings and parts for the canopy







Undercarriage Legs BRONZE (648437)

There are two cast bronze legs in the box, with two gear bay doors. There are no small centre line doors I have seen in other Fw 190 sets?  The casting of the bronze is superlative, and far better than white metal, as well as being much stronger.  If you are planning on loading up your model with resin cockpit, engine, gun bay, etc., these may be just the ticket to support all that extra weight.









Flaps (48974)

As the title suggests this set is for the flaps of the aircraft. 






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