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Me 262B 1a/U1 Nachtjager Dragon 1/48


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Hi everyone, I've started building from this bad kit and honestly i've got a lot of problem even the decals who played with me breaking in various parts.....

Never mind, I've finish the kit and here's the results...


In certain pictures the down right Fug part appears retort, the problem was solved after the pictures, my apologies...





















































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Thank You guys....


As I wrote before it isn't one of the best kits to build, very imprecise and full of tramps, just to mention the fitting between the wings and engines, the landing gear was another nightmare....Never mind in a way or other I've finished.....

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Nice job :yes: These were hailed as überkits in the very early noughties, but with the benefit of see-backro-vision (sometimes known as hindsight), they weren't really.  I built the one with the BIG canon on the nose a few years back as a "fun" build, and it was a birrova pain :S

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Thank You to everyone...


@ Greg: The canopy was one problem and You right, in effect isn't very clean....(I try to use AK Glazy but was the worst decision, Future forever)....

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The reason I asked this question, is I used Future on my Do217 canopy and over the long build period I have had to take the canopy off and re glue it resulting in the inside surfaces being fogged and messy.

Rabbit Leader Dave suggested I re-coat the glass with Future. It wasn't easy, but I managed to get to most glass surfaces through the entry hatch I had cut out earlier. It isn't prefect, but it isn't anywhere

as bad as it was. Now this probably won't work in your case. Maybe you could they it on a spare canopy. 

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You right Dave, probably I'll do something to improve the result.....Unfortunately the kit hasn't another canopy and I'm thinking the way to obtain another if possible.


Just a question: which glue You used ? Sometimes the problems are with the cyanoacrylate and the canopies but should be Your case, please let me know...

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