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SS – KampfGruppe Peiper, 1943 – 1945

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SS – KampfGruppe Peiper

1943 – 1945

Kagero Publications



Written by Massimiliano Afiero and published by Kagero publishing, this book tells the story of the military career of Joachim Peiper, one of the most valiant and decorated officers of the Waffen SS, told through the main battles and campaigns, which involved the units under his command, especially the armoured Kampfgruppen of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, starting from the fighting on the front at Kharkov in the Ukraine, between February and March 1943, passing through the fighting for the salient of Kursk, the intervention in Italy, the new campaign on the Ukrainian front between autumn and winter of 1943-44, fighting on the front of Normandy, the counter-offensive in the Ardennes, until the last fighting on the Hungarian front and in Austria. The analysis of the various battles told through the testimonies of the direct protagonists, the war reports of the period, the original documents, without forgetting the involvement in the war crimes committed by units under Peipers command.





Not only is this book is filled with useful information on all the battles the Kampfgruppen was involved in, but each battle is illustrated with numerous maps, diagrams and very interesting photos, including all the different vehicles used, many of the officers from headquarters down, and the more humble troops on the front line. The real interesting photos for the modeller are, naturally the vehicles and there are plenty of unusual camouflage schemes and equipment seen on everything from a SdKfz 251 Half Track to a SdKfz 182 King Tiger. There are also superb scenes just asking to be built as a diorama, plus three pages of colour profiles.





If you’re into your German armoured units of WWII then this is a must have book, the text is well laid out, although there are some spelling mistakes scattered amongst the text. The period photos are superb, although some are a bit blurred, and some of the annotations don’t seem to describe the picture. But if you want an unusual diorama, or camouflage for your model collection then look no further.






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