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Reichsverteidigung Fw 190A-8/R2 & Bf 109G-6/14 - 1:48 Eduard Limited Edition


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Reichsverteidigung Fw 190A-8/R2 & Bf 109G-6/14

1:48 Eduard Limited Edition




This Limited Edition kit focuses on German heavy fighter aircraft Fw 190A-8/R2, and fighter aircraft Bf 109G-6/14 flown by Defence of the Reich fighter units.


The Kits

We have previously reviewed the profipack boxing of the Bf 109G-14 here, so will point you to that  review if you want to see whats in the box. This duel boxing contains one of each kit with the masks and photoetch you find in the profipack kits. However it would seem at some point the Eduard have re-tooled the sprues for the Fw 190A-/R2 so we will show those below. 


Construction of the Fw 190 starts in the cockpit, which is augmented with pre-painted PE side consoles and instrument panels, but also retained are the decals that can be applied to flat panels, as well as the engraved panels for those that prefer to paint their details manually.  The tub includes the sharply pointed rear deck, to which you add the rear bulkheads, control column, seat, plastic or PE rudder pedals, pre-painted seatbelts and sundry other parts in styrene and PE.  In order to close up the fuselage the cockpit assembly is inserted along with a bulkhead that closes up the front of the tub, two exhaust inserts in the cowling, and the engine assembly, which is only an approximation of the front row of cylinders, plus the reduction gear, as not much will be seen once the cowling is in place.










The lower wings are full width, and have a spar fitted that runs to the ends of the gear bays, with detail on the face visible through the apertures.  This is augmented by the wheel trays, various ribs and the cannon barrels that protrude through, with the upper wings added after painting of the bay roof detail that is etched into their underside.  There are different wings in this boxing depending on the decal options so the modeller will need to chose the right one. The completed wing assembly is then offered up to the fuselage, and the missing sections of the cowling with exhaust stubs, gun barrels and troughs are added to the top and bottom of the nose.  The two-piece ring finishes the front cowling, and the flying surfaces are glued into to place, including separate rudder and ailerons, and fixed elevators.




Two types of tyres are provided for the main gear, which have separate hubs, and fit onto the peg on the ends of the strut, with separate oleo-scissors and captive bay door parts.  The retraction gear is installed on the inner side of the leg, and the centre doors fit to the central bar that splits the bays.  The tail wheel slots into the rear, crew step, gun barrels and pitot probes are installed, then the three-bladed paddle prop is completed with spinner and fan behind it, with a peg at the rear fitting into a corresponding hole in the engine front.  Different open and closed canopies are provided, and are outfitted with head armour before being added to the airframe along with the windscreen part.  The last touch is to add the gear-down indicator pegs to the tops of the wings, which are made from tiny PE parts.  If you are rigging the aerial wire to the tail, remember that if you pose the canopy open, the wire can appear relaxed, although many photos also show it taut, so check your references.





This really is the main reason to get this boxing, with 12 decal options. There are 7 for the 109 and 5 for the 190. The decal sheet is by Cartograf so quality is a given.There are also a sheet of stencils for each aircraft






  • Bf 109G-14, 13./ JG 53, Bad Wörishofen, Germany, 1945
  • Bf 109G-14/U4, W. Nr. 512429, I./ JG 77, Euskirchen, Germany, 1945
  • Bf 109G-6, flown by Uffz. Klaus Lambio, 9./ JG 300, Jüterbog – Waldlager, Germany, June 1944
  • Bf 109G-6/R6, 9./ JG 54, Ludwigslust, Germany, January/ February 1944
  • Bf 109G-6/R6, 2./ JG 27, Trenčín, Slovak Republic, early 1944
  • Bf 109G-6/R6, flown by Hptm. Anton Hackl, CO of III./ JG 11, Oldenburg, Germany, January 1944
  • Bf 109G-6/R6, W. Nr. 20272, flown by Oblt. Heinrich Klöpper, CO of 7./ JG 1, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, November 1943





  • Fw 190A-8/R2, W. Nr. 682181, flown by Fw. Hubert Engst, Löbnitz, 6.(Sturm)/ JG 300, Löbnitz, Germany, early 1945
  • Fw 190A-8/R2, W. Nr. 682204, flown by Oblt. Klaus Bretschneider, 5. (Sturm)/ JG 300, Löbnitz, Germany, December 1944.
  • Fw 190A-8/R2, flown by Uffz. Erich Keller, 5.(Sturm)/ JG 4, Babenhausen, Germany, December 1944
  • Fw 190A-8/R2, W. Nr. 682958, flown by Uffz. Paul Lixfeld, 6.(Sturm)/ JG 300, Löbnitz, Germany, December 1944
  • Fw 190A-8/R2, W. Nr. 681420, flown by Lt. Alfred Lausch, 8.(Sturm)/ JG 4, Welzow, Germany, September 1944





There is also an A3 Picture of Fw 190A-8/R2, W. Nr. 681420, flown by Lt. Alfred Lausch, 8.(Sturm)/ JG 4, in flight/


This is a welcome release from Eduard for those who like the aircraft which flew in the defence of Germany.



Available at all good model shops


Review sample courtesy of


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I received mine this morning...bought at a bargin price off E-Bay. The kit is simply great, just reading the instructions and the detailed descriptions of the decal versions makes it almost worth the money. The decal sheet is breath taking. Lot's of spare parts for other projects come as a bonus...thinking of Tamiya and Trimaster mold kits...One thing you have not shown in your review though is the beautiful poster that is included! The artist, Piotr Forkasiewics, is a real pro and has his own web page. Here is the poster for the kit and the link on Piotr's page to it.










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Yes, the main decal sheet is made by Cartograf...super good print and high gloss as we like it. The sheet seems to be also availabe in the wet transfer version but only to members of a certain Eduard club...:-(




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Thanks...I have released an order with HWG yesterday...FW190 Reichsverteidigung and the early version deluxe A-2/3 pack...also the camo pattern for Tamixa's KI 61 Hien... I am looking very much fwd to trying them out!!!




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