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D1A2 Aichi


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Hallo again


With this a/c and some other special Japanese models my wife and me exhibited at Shizuoka hobby show in Japan. For this purpose Choroszy gave us some kits to distribute in Japan, and my friends there were all glad to see such unknown interwar planes of Japan.

Two link may help you:






On this blog you find hundreds or thousands of rare photos!


In 2014, we did a special model exhibition in Austria, about Japanese modelling. In context with the IPMS-Austria GoMo (go modelling) 2014 my wife and me organized the topic about Japanese modelling. It was an overwhelming success. Together with Japanese artists and citizens, it was wonderful. The owner of the Arawasi publications was also present, especially from Japan.









Happy modelling

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Another lovely model, dov.


Choroszy certainly have a nice range of IJN and IJA subjects.


Have you also come across the Aviation of Japan website? There is a lot of useful information there, including well-researched colour recommendations etc. 







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Oh yes Joachim


Only nitpick: the wing roundels look rather 'pasted on'. A scalpel blade along the aileron gap and some Micro Sol, perhaps?

You are right. But in this case I was in doubt, because of lack of spares and a deadline! You are so right, this is one of my general mistakes even today!

I promise to improve.


Have you also come across the Aviation of Japan website? Yes, we know it. The Arawasi website is to my opinion the best one, David.


Happy modelling



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