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This is by way of a test, since I'm still a little technologically challenged. Trying to work out how to share photos, so apologies if this doesn't work.







I initially posted on the Stuka January and the original intention was to share the progress. Sadly I never got round to doing that. The aircraft is now in my brother in laws study, but I thought that some of you may be interested.

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Thanks for the kind words. 


For those who want a bit more info, I’ve used the Montex stencil set depicting the Ju87 B-2 trop deployed in Gambut, Libya in 1941. The RLM 70/71 paint is Gunze Sangyo acrylic as is the RLM 65 underside. The sandgelb overlay is RLM79 from Xtracrylix which looked rather bright until I did a colour wash in burnt sienna and then in black. Finally I added a small amount of white paint to Tamiya Matt Clear. When I blew it over with that, the colours toned down nicely plus I achieved an effect of light layers of sand on the wings.


Interior was primarily Tamiya XF22 - RLM Grey (RLM 02) which is (I hope) the right colour! I was working on the basis that RLM 66  schwartzgrau was used later.


Having heard so much bad press on the 1/24 kits, I thought this was a great kit, and if you have one stashed away, GET IT OUT!


The only issues I had were a few broken pieces, but I can forgive that. The kit itself was about 35 years old and I must praise Airfix after sales who came through with replacements very quickly.


Next up 1/24 scale Spit Mk1. 

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That looks great, the cockpit is nicely enhanced by your extra work.


I always fancied one when it first came out but my pocket money wasn't enough. 🙁



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49 minutes ago, cybershed said:

I'm glad you posted the additional, pics as they really show your detailed work. Your cockpit interior looks amazing.


It must be a fair old size at 1/24 scale!

You do need a lot a space for these...😉

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I've been looking for one of these for a couple of years - I always check the shops and shows I visit but can't seem to find one.


Lovely job sir - a real inspiration.



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