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Arado Ar-234


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Hallo again


This Arado in 1/32 is from Fly. The kit is not easy to build. The instruction is good. I intended to build the night fighter option, but due to the lack of correct positions of the antennas, I choose another option. The cockpit is very difficult. With the items from Yahoo, it went great on. I brought some books about it with drawings, so I could get on easily. The masks where of great help. The masks for the cockpit from NewWare are excellent!

Well, so far a nice build.







Happy modelling


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18 minutes ago, jhutchi said:

Lovely looking model.

What are the things under the wings?

Those are rocket-assisted take-off (RATO) units to help her get into the air with load. The front bits are recovery parachutes to allow them to be jettisoned and re-used.


Dov, that's some really lovely work! Worth every bit of difficulty in the build!

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