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Fw-190 D in 1/32


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Hallo again


This is my Fw-190 D in 1/32. The kit is Hasegawa. Here I used the Aires cockpit set. However, I failed to install it correct. Due to an awful instruction, the dashboard is in a wrong position. The proper instruction for resin cockpits or resin parts anyway, are hardly to find. Wolfpack is (so far as my experience) the best, but I do not use it often. Would like to hear your response. Anyway, all markings I sprayed. No decal! Also the stencils are wet transfers.









Happy modelling

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Doc - looks nicely built.


Just a couple of things:

With the later blown hood, there was no fully system to keep the aerial wire taut when the cockpit was slid back. The wire should hang slack to one side.

Not sure about the colour on the fuselage side - looks too yellow to my eye but it could be the light effect on the photograph.





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