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New Airfix 1/35 armour?


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On 3/15/2019 at 2:14 PM, TIGER HOBBIESLIMITED said:

come next years Tiger Tank day at Bovington, when loads of dealers will be knocking the Airfix Tigers out in big numbers to members of the general public,  due to the fact they have  seem Tiger 131 trundling around the  Arena, then Airfix have done their job. 


Obvious question: why didn't Airfix put decals for "131" into this first Tiger kit? It's the correct version. Just needs a few new parts, including the side cable.

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With the Academy kits available in plentiful numbers at less than the Academy RRP I suspect the Airfix kits will also become heavily discounted after a few months. The Airfix Brand will bolster sales as it still carries some kudos (whether the entire brand warrants it or not) in the domestic UK market.


I agree with the previous posters who have suggested that this move from Airfix is both logical and aimed at the casual modeller. I am no expert on AFV modelling but as someone who sells a range of armour kits I see the market and know that, in general, if someone picks up a Takom or Rye Field kit first they are very unlikely to then pick up an Academy or similarly priced product because 9 times out of 10 these are the experts that know their stuff. On the other hand someone who is showing interest in Academy Tiger kits is generally not going to then purchase a 'high end' Tiger kit for example. A generalisation for sure but one that does tend to hold good on most occasions. I see Academy as very much in the 'entry level' position along with Revell etc, Airfix will slot in here with MENG, for example, bridging the gap between the 'entry level' and the advanced/hardcore Armour builders choice of Brands above them. The Market caters for all abilities and Airfix want a piece of the 1/35 scale pie without the risk involved in developing their own line.


Duncan B 

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