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New 1/20th Cooper T51 Kits

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I had been sitting on the masters of these kits for some years.  I had the wheels re-mastered by John Shinton some time ago and was approached My Martin of Coastal craft earlier in the year as he was interested in bringing them to market.... so here they are.  


The first two kits were released at SMW, and we now have the kits available on our website.


1/20th Cooper T51 Jack Brabham  1959 Monaco GP Winner


Kit 1959 T51c Kit parts


1/20th Cooper T51 Chris Bristow  1960 Monaco GP


1960 kit parts


The kits feature several different resins for the parts. Bodywork & details  in standard grey resin.

Suspension parts are in a harder black resin and the tyres are cast in soft black resin.  Vacformed windscreens, decals and an instruction sheet is included. (Note the instructions are being redone at the moment should be ready in a few weeks).


We had half of the production run, 15 of each kit and they are retailing for £100 each & we will include a set of micro mesh sanding sticks to help with the build.






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