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Sleeper's First 2018


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After a terrible year of signing up (many times), starting build threads (fewer times), starting builds (even less times), and finishing builds (none at all 😪 ) I've gone back to THIS THREAD from October 2013 to get going again. This is where the model stands today




I was a little optimistic about the time scale but this time it will be finished. I promise.


Looks a little battered because of the Great Shelf Collapse of 2018 after which many models were put in an annex to the 3 Boxes of Doom while I got on with getting better. I'd also mounted the idler too far forward which started to really annoy me. After the fight to build and then paint this beast I'd had enough. Looking at the photos I've just taken the paintwork needs attention especially the tracks. However it will be a good start to recovering my mojo and learning to cope with a less-than-perfect right hand (trapped nerve...again :( )


Cover me Chaps and Chapesses I'm going in.

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So here I am at the end of session One




Sometimes you need to take a step back before moving forward :D


While removing the idlers it became apparent that the suspension was not spaced correctly. Much gnashing of teeth and colourful language. As I rarely glue the road-wheels and the rest in place I managed to get it all apart without too many nightmares. The upside was that most of the mountings were broken from the hull anyway so it'll be a much happier Tiger in the end.


Next session will start with some careful measurements to ensure the tracks sit correctly, that's why I've stopped here....


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