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Refurbished 1/48 Spitfires

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I brought some of my older Spitfire builds out of storage recently to find that the had suffered quite a bit of hangar rash! I therefore decided to give them new paint schemes and decals.


First up is the Special Hobby Vc, formerly in malta markings now in 54 Squadron RAF colours based in Australia during 1943.








Next is the Hasegawa IXe using the Aeroclub fuselage, repainted in a different iteration of its previous Czech AF scheme.






Last up is the Airfix/Aeroclub Mk.21, previously overall Silver CAACU and now in 41 Squadron markings at Lubeck, 1946.








Hope you enjoyed my efforts and model recyling and thanks for looking!



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Thanks for the kind comments everybody!


On 11/12/2018 at 9:42 AM, Uncle Pete said:

Great job.  Please forgive me for asking one of my "eternal newbie" type questions... Wouldn't it be easier to build a new kit than to refurbish an old one?

It’s certainly a valid question! I guess I just hate throwing models away? The other aspect is I’m trying to build a model of all the major variants of Spitfire and I don’t have another Mk Vc or 21 in the stash to build. The Aeroclub 21 fuselage is quite hard to find at the moment too.



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