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Airfix 1/72 B-17G Fortress


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Ok...I'm in,

Airfix's B-17G Late

Please excuse the bad phone pic just a quicky to show the unstarted kit(afew pieces removed from sprues but nothing glued).



Colour scheme...well its gonna be post war for something alittle different. I had planned on building maybe 2 or 3 kits for this GB but since I'm already late to the party I'll now just concentrate on one. The original choices were a B-17G from the AWFC(All Weather Flying Center) based at Clinton County Air Base,Ohio between 1946-49 for Project Thunderstorm were they gathered data on Thunderstorms and chased Tornado's and flew other adverse Weather missions.



The other options were 1950's Drones in either the yellow/orange with black stripes or the red/white scheme maybe with the added wing tip pods.

QB-17G  Flying Fortress serial number 44-83669 Ditchers Dream.jpg-originalQB-17G  Flying Fortress serial number 44-83669 Ditchers Dream-1.jpg-original16708456_1573072072707551_4349067822082495562_nb-17-44-83793-01-800x16684317_10154721731659550_1526339106417105509_n16641124_1573071882707570_6157714983430225430_n


Well I guess I'll make a start and make the final choice when it comes time to close up the fuselage as I'll need to fair over the removed gun turrets on the Drones.


Cheers for now,


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Some great choices Gary, and some difficult ones too, how do you choose just one!

Interesting that the first picture shows an aircraft which is still fully armed, and to be honest would be my choice as I like the Project Thunderstorm scheme and have thought about building some of their other aircraft such as the A-26 and P-61. Mind you I also like the drones and would like to build one from Operation Crossroads.

Good luck with whichever option you decide to go with.



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Don't think the ones above wore any unit insignia, I know the Op Crossroads DB-17/QB-17's wore the same as the B-29's.. If I ever get around to doing those I'll pick up a couple Warbird Decals sheet that has Dave's Dream on it for the 58th Wing insignia...plus I want to build the AFWC B-29 option too

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