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GBU-38 Non-Thermally Protected - 1:72 Eduard

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GBU-38 Non-Thermally Protected

1:72 Eduard




The GBU-38 is a 500lb air-dropped weapon that is part of the JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition) family of GPS-guided bombs. The weapon is relatively modern and was deployed in combat in Afghanistan. In common with most other 1:72 scale brassin weapon sets, the set of four GBU-38s  arrive packaged into the usual Eduard blister pack, complete with decals and a small fret of photo etched parts.






Each bomb comprises the main body of the weapon with the ballistic tail cast in place, a choice of two heads are provided for both USN and USAF variants, both with optional protective caps. The casting is flawless and smooth, with minimal cleanup required thanks to the positioning of the pouring stubs at the tail-end of the weapon. Colours and stencil positions are marked in a colour diagram, with Gunze Mr Color paint references as usual.




Review sample courtesy of 

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