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Soviet Tank Crew 1960-70s (37037) 1:35


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Soviet Tank Crew 1960-70s (37037)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




Those doyens of figure sets at MiniArt are at it again (where do they find the time each month?), and this time it's a set of Russian Tank Crew from the 1960-70 period, when a tough black uniform was worn along with the more traditional padded helmets, also in black. 




The set arrives in a standard sized end-opening figure box with a painting of the intended poses on the front, and a combined instruction and painting guide on the rear of the box.  Inside are four sprues in mid grey styrene, three still joined to their runner, the last one nipped off to fit in the box.  Four crew are included, one driver figure with his hands on the controls, another seated figure that looks like he's itching his armpit, then there are two more standing figures.  The commander is stood with one hand on the cupola, the other either holding something or giving the thumbs up, while the second standing figure appears to be out of the tank, and is carrying a folding-stock AK47 derivative and has a set of ammo pouches on his hip.






With MiniArt we have come to expect excellent sculpting, and this set does not disappoint, with realistic poses, drape of clothing and faces.  The whole things is finely sculpted, even down to trigger and guard on the AK.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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