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Handley Page 0/400 Copper State Models 1/48


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I`ve just received the brand new and still hot, pre-production test shot parts of a true beast - Handley Page 0/400 in 1/48 scale. It will be released in near future by Copper State Models produced by CSM partnership company Melius Manu. The kit is a full multimedia kit, with 1kg (sic.) of resin parts, PE fret, instructions and decals.
It will be available for pre-order at Telford 2018. 
Judging on the parts I`ve got it is going to build into a truly stunning miniature. What is evident already, the manufacturer took care to eliminate the shortcomings of the resin - by reinforcing the whole structure of wings and struts with wire, which is crucial for a biplane model with a wingspan exceeding over 60 centimetres. 
Without further ado, it`s time to get the beast started. I`ll post the progress pics soon.








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A small but important step - I`ve painted the base of the wood elements along with the linen for the fuselage sides and the floor. Oil paints along with the clear red and clear yellow varnish were used. The "bloody paralyzer" is going to be huge! The next step is to apply wash and overall weathering and to start the internal structure bracing wires.





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Going to enjoy this one, I'd love at least on of the big latewar/interterwar bobmers in my collection,but just don't have the space(sometine I'll build my zepplin stacken, but for now I'll live vicariously through your thread :) )


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Thanks for your words of encouragement! 
The wood and plywood have been painted. The floor of the cockpit has been glued and the fit is good so far. I`m going to make some internal rigging before I proceed. The smaller bits of the cockpit will also be tackled with in the meantime. The pic with a ruler is just in order to show the size of her. Impressive isn`t it? ;)





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Maybe it isn`t the most spectacular update of this thread but it`s almost there to start glueing the fuselage. I`ve prepared the set of the Lewis machine guns. They were painted black (hell yeah) and rubbed with the Mig gun metal pigment. Also, the main petrol tanks were painted and slightly weathered. The most time-consuming part was the internal rigging - it will be not visible in most places anyway. 


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I am thinking I should get one.....  'Her Indoors' might smack me on the bum for even thinking about getting one of these.

Beautiful modelling, too. 

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So after a few other projects I have returned to building the Bloody Paralyser.
I`ve assembled the tail section and attached the wings.
I have also tried the stencils by Jarek Rydzyński to make the PC10 a little bit more interersting.
I must admit - it`s huuuuuge, yep.

I think I`m done with the most tricky part of the build - the undercarriage and the engine nacelles. Frankly speaking I thought it would be really hard to keep the geometry right but I think it turned out quite acceptable.
In the meantime I`ve applied some weathering too.



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The rigging of the tail section is completed - bloody hell of that thing had used drugs - that`s for sure...
I`ve also applied the decals and painted the roundels using the masks provided with the kit.
Another challenge lies ahead - the upper wing...

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Handley Page 0/400 Copper State Models 1/48 Update #10


I`ve fixed the upper wing and started the rigging of the main wings. It started to look like an aircraft...



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