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SBS 1/72nd Latecoere 28.3 "Comte de la Vaulx", resin kit

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A build from 2 years ago that illustrates the few corrections needed to turn the first SBS Model kit release -that had some teething issues- into a nice and accurate model.


Adjusting the SBS Latecoere 28.3 "Comte de la Vaulx" kit:


(The completed by the way is posted here:


This was as said SBS's first release, it caught the attention of a large number of modelers because of its great detail and accessories.

Now SBS has released other kits, which are a paradigm of perfection, but this first release evidenced some first-steps problems, now fortunately over with in the models I mentioned (and happily built): their De Havilland DH88 Comet racer, Farman F.190 and Caudron C.600.

I mulled over building the Late 28 first release a long time, knowing that to correct its flaws some work had to be done.

Now, this is the work of love of the person that made the masters and the manufacturer that kitted it, it took them a lot of work and time and resources, so criticism is always a difficult endeavor because it may upset or sadden someone. The kit has some great points and a few shortcomings, and we are very grateful that these guys released a kit of such an important plane.

You could build this kit as it is (I have seen several already built) and the flaws may show only to the trained eye and not the general public, but I just can't leave it in peace. Finally, I gave up to its appeal, redeeming qualities and the fact that it has South American connections.


To the task at hand:



The first and foremost, and most evident flaw is the kit's wing, which is a bit of a flattened and thick pancake. Whereas airfoils exhibit a curved surface, this wing has a large central area of the cord that is as flat as the Pampas where the Late 28.1s used to fly in Argentina.

The leading edge is too thick and blunt.

The trailing edge should have very subtle scalloping, clearly visible in photos.

The ailerons show on photos as much ribbing as the wing, and the same trailing edge subtle scallops.

I had to do some kind of drastic and extensive work (but not really difficult) to remedy those issues, you will see it bellow.



As the canopy's upper and aft portion is inextricably associated with the wing, it has to be modified too.



Some details are missing from this rendition of the Late 28 (but present on the SBS newer releases), most conspicuously:

Control linkages to ailerons (horns and rigid linkages under the wing, two per aileron, ailerons were a two-part affair)

Floats wire rigging

Tailplanes' rigging

Tail control cables

Navigation lights

and other smaller details.



The nose of this kit earned some criticism. It may be a tad stumpy, but the Comte de la Vaulx seemed to have a shorter nose than other Late 28.3s anyway, as can be seen in photos, which show some slight shape variations too.

I'll leave it as it is, since it is not a bad match to my photos.

At some point I saw on a magazine a review of this kit (long ago) where the author stated that some person in France had a resin replacement nose. I tried for ages to get a hold on him (his website is the best example of an online dysfunctional labyrinth) and I never got a reply to my many emails sent at different times, neither did a couple other friends, so do not count much on that.


The level of detail in general in this kit is superb, as in all SBS releases, if a little overstated on the flying surfaces and also on the floats. It has a multi-part cockpit (that lacks the rudder bars but has other minute detail) with defined relief and a number of gizmos, completed by an assortment of etched parts. The aft cabin (after the solid space where the tanks were) has no detail, but the door can be posed open (as well as the cockpit door) so most likely I'll be filling that up even with a restroom, the modeling delight and joy of many fellow builders) which is exactly opposed to the door, so temptation is big.


One strange technical issue on this kit is the absolutely solid and massive resin pouring block to which the fuselage bottom is attached. This is not a big deal, it just takes a little time with the right tools to eliminate it, but is awkward and cumbersome. You will have to do the engraving (matching perhaps the side panel lines) of the panel lines once your fuselage bottom is ready and clean.











Wing airfoil is inaccurate, has to be re-done. Here sanded to shape and top of canopy matched also with some careful sanding-down:





Rib detail re-constructed:



Subtle scallops added at T.E. as per original:



Floats' relief made more subtle:









Horns added:





Fitting test. I wish I could day it was a dry-run. It wasn't :



Added detail:

























Scratched beaching dolly:
































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Another one from the "The flying Toilets' Collection"!!!:rofl:

This one is "nearly" OOB, compared to other kits, but I see your toilet skills have no equals!!!



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16 minutes ago, Courageous said:

Fantastic, love it.

I have a 1/72 SBS Macchi MC.72 on my Christmas list and it was nice to see the quality of an SBS kit.



Hi Stuart

I have built it, it's a nice kit.

Years ago I had to scratch it (to much lower standards), and then built the Delta 2 despicable kit.

Finally a good kit of it is in the market!

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Another beauty, though I'm a bit concerned with your predilection for small scale commodes and their associated paper products!





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25 minutes ago, dogsbody said:

though I'm a bit concerned with your predilection for small scale commodes and their associated paper products!





Chris, nobody is concerned with it...until you need one!

When my poor 1/72 figures need to go, they need to go!

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