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Szybowiec Bydgoszczanka - Scracthbuilt 1/72nd Polish glider

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To contribute with more gliders, a build from 2 years ago.


Szybowiec Bydgoszczanka....
Not an easy name for me to pronounce, but otherwise a beautiful machine.

The first word means "glider", and the second -I surmise- means "from the city of Bydgosz" or "Bydgoszoan", if I am wrong please let me know.

I have built a number of Polish planes, remarkable how that little country can produce such an amazing number of significant planes (Note: as I repost this I currently have a WIP of the RWD-5).

Photos show a version with landing skids (not snow skis) and another with wheels. Images also show a few changes in the rudder position and minor details, so study your photos before committing. I made the wheels but as exchangeable items, gluing the skids on sleeves and barely fixing them with white glue.

Searches rendered a very nice plan, courtesy of some Polish modelers to whom I am grateful, at least one model I don't have to make the building plans for! I saw on the Net a 1/48th scale version and a 1/72nd scale version (the latter in paper), and also a radio-controlled model.

With all the info gathered I started to think about the engineering of the model and opted for a pre-formed aluminum boom and modified airfoiled brass "Strutz" (courtesy as we know of Andrew from the Foglands).

Several other elements were done in various metals; a Fotocut chair was prepared, and the flying surfaces were constructed the usual way. Other necessary parts were scratched from styrene.

If it's true that this model does not have an engine/prop to worry about, it does have lots and lots of rigging and a very complex exposed fuselage structure. Rigging, as we know, is a word whose mere mention will give even the most experienced builders a case of the jitters.

The model will need a few decals, which I commissioned as usual from Mika at Arctic Decals.










































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Very well done, as usual. Interesting skeleton glider design, and I can see the "nose" would offer the pilot some protection in a nose over, assuming the pilot is strapped in.




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Another jawel in your crown, Moa!

I have not heard about this machine before.

Short googling revealed other models of her, even a big RC one, and whole thread on Polish modeller web side http://pwm.org.pl/viewtopic.php?p=949653

And more details on history (unfortunately in Polish but google translator will help) http://www.samolotypolskie.pl/samoloty/842/126/Dzialowski-Bydgoszczanka2



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Now that is one that I really do like. All air and wires - just the type of aircraft that I like to model. Plenty of challenges there - and as usual you make it all look so easy when we know that really it is not.



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Amazing glider and ditto model!


The naked skeleton fuselage design reminds me of the SG 38, but this one has a natural elegance.


Your posts are also a humbling reminder that I seem to be ignorant of most flying machines of the golden era. Great pedagogic assets, your posts!


Kind regards,



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Your "line of modelling" with all those, obscure flying machines and your craftsmanship in execution of those projects is one of the highlights of this website!

Superb job, and many happy returns :-)))


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