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British at Waterloo


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On 11/2/2018 at 6:15 PM, JohnT said:

Where's Sharpe?


More seriously fabulous work. I'd love to see a full diorama of a time during the battle with the whole field laid out

Circa 1980 in Dover Castle there was a large diorama of Waterloo with hundreds of troops. The figures were metal but extremely few added and tatty.  I understand that it had considerable restoration work completed on it and that it had several scenes from the battle.  Where is it now?  Royal Green Jackets Museum was the last place I heard..

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1st (Household) Cavalry Brigade, Royal Regiment of Horse Guards (the Blues)
Revell 02578 men with HäT 8033 horses

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Sandham’s Battery
They were equipped with 9 pounders. On 16 June 1815, Sandham's Company arrived at Quatre Bras after a gruelling 15-hour march covering the withdrawal of the British and Belgian troops. On the morning of 18 June 1815 the Company was posted between La Haye Sainte and Hougomont in support of the 1st Division, under Maj Gen Cooke. The Company is credited with firing the first shot from the Allied Artillery and expended over 1,100 rounds during the day.

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