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S. M. 82 Marsupiale (Italeri)

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And finally done... Here is my second build. Was quite challenging but worth the effort. Really like this quite unknown aircraft. I know that colors may not be exactly the right ones, but they are from the Lifecolor Regia Aeronautica set. Silver was made thanks to Humbrol Metallic and aerials with stirred plastic.


Hope you enjoy 😉














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Excellent build and the camouflage looks beautifully rendered!


If you would allow a couple of well-mening nit picks: the wing-to-fuselage 'radio aerials' do look grossly out of scale, and those silver paint blotches on the propellers (on the trailing edges 'to add insult to injury') have nothing to do with reality. Nothing that can't be rectified with thinner gauge stretched sprue and some black paint. 😉


Basically a very good and well detailed model!


Kind regards,







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Great build of indeed a very impressive plane.

Actually I didn't know the Marsupiale was a bomber as well as a transport. Great to learn something new, even trivial (for some).

Great paint scheme looking every inch AMI. 

So congrats are in order!



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Thanks all for your comments! 


Yes I agree... There are mistakes and some details should be litter bit more precise. It's the first time I use stirred plastic for aerials so did not really know how thin or thick the should be...I made the wings one more thicker because I supposed they had to support the wings load... my mistake sorry. 


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