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DH4a interior colour

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Very confused on this one. I'm building a Roden DH4a (I have many WWI/Interwar British types in my stash so it's relevant to at least 5 other builds I'm planning)


What colour should the interior fabric of the DH4a be? the exterior will be royal blue (I'm doing a civilian scheme) the fuselage is fabric covered and may have been silver doped under the blue on the real thing.   The kit instructions call for Silver, but I had read that the interior of interwar planes was an iron oxide red fading to pink over time and usually quite blotchy. So should my fabric be 


a) Clear doped linen

b) aluminiu/silver

c) Royal blue like the exterior

d) Red/Blotchy pink


My gut feeling is d, but as said I'm not sure


All comments appreciated.



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I'd go either a) or d), not b) or c).


The colour would depend on what dope was used for the first coat to shrink the fabric


If it was a clear dope it would be a)


If it was a red oxide dope it would be a blotchy/streaky redish pink d).

This dope is a brick red colour, but is applied from the outside and soaks through to the inside. The blotches and streaks are where a heavier application has been made and soaked right through the fabric, eg start of brush stroke or end / change of direction of spray gun. A good even coat on the inside should give a fairly even pinkish tinge to the inside face of the fabric. Even at 32nd scale the streaking/blotching should be very subtle.


Once the shrinking coat is on, the pores in the fabric are sealed, and further coats shouldn't bleed through. The fabric isn't transparent, therefore not b) or c).

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Dave thanks for the reply


On further research it appears most of the interior of the DH4a was sheeted out in ply. The blotchy pink does sound most likely for the visible fabric areas and I'll use this on my Gamecock, Bulldog and Fury.

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The outside was fabric over ply covered up to the back of the rear cockpit. The inside walls of the cockpit the 4a would not normally be ply covered inside,  ie double walled, so the frame woodwork would normally be seen. All the visible woodwork wood be finished in a yellowish clear varnish.

Depending on the type of civil machine, it might have been lined with some upholstery, but extra weight was generally  a factor to consider, even then the seats would be wicker basket type with a leather cushion but no seatbelts.



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