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The Leopard 1 and Leopard 2 From Cold War To Modern Day - Kagero via Casemate UK

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The Leopard 1 and Leopard 2

From Cold War To Modern Day

ISBN : 9788395157523

Kagero via Casemate UK




The Leopard 1 project was designed to replace the German Army's reliance on us Built tanks following its reformation. Originally a Joint programme with the French who were later dropped the Leopard 1 would enter into service in 1965 with many design changes following. Over 6500 tanks and utility versions were built and supplied to many different European nations, and further afield. The German Army would retire its Leopard 1s in 2003, though some serve to this day in other nations.  The Leopard 2 was developed to succeed the Leopard 1 in the late 1970s. This would feature better armour and a more powerful gun. Like the leopard 1 there have been many sub variants since its inception. Again like the Leopard 1 the tanks have been sold to other nations. The main version of the Leopard 2 is now the 2A6. The latest incarnations are the 2A7 (an upgrade of Dutch 2A6s) and the Leopard 2A7+ which has been designed to operate in both low & high intensity conflicts with more emphasis being on mine/IED & RPG protection, and addition of remote weapons stations.







This volume is A4 soft back in format and has 115 pages. The first 39 deal with the tanks themselves while the remainder deal with making models of the tanks. There are 4 pages of profiles at the rear of the book.





Given that the title is Leopard 1 & 2 I was expecting a reference book on the two types not a "modelling book".   The first 39 pages deal with the tanks themselves (which is not a great deal given the number of different types and operators) while the remainder deal with making models of the tanks. There is a build of a Tamiya Leopard 2A6 in Polish service, and a Tamyia Dutch Leopard 2A6. Given that we have good kits of all the Leopard 1 & 2 variants plus the Gepard from different main stream manufactures it seems strange that Kagero have included 2 builds of the same kit, even more so as the Title is Leopard 1 & 2 I would have expected to see a build of both types, not 2 of the later.




Review sample courtesy of




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