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3 Down, 3 to go in my Canberra project


This time, its a Vietnam-era US cloned Canberra all set to attack the Ho Chi Minh trail:




Not a lot I can say about this kit, it builds very easily, doesn't need any filler and clearly shows the differences between the US variant of the Canberra and the British B(I).8, which was intended to fill much the same role.  




Italeri provide a good representative 500 & 750lb bomb load showing just how much of a bomb truck this aircraft was.

No pilots though, so I have added a Matchbox navigator and Airfix pilot to fill the open (but nicely detailed) cockpit.

Flaps and air brakes are open, as provided for in the kit.








... and finally, all 3 (thus far) lined up.  I will need a bigger board to photograph them on when the next one is finished:




FredT.   :)

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Lovely! I built one about 30 years ago, and apart from it being a recalcitrant tail-sitter, I thought it was a great kit of a great-looking aircraft. Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent B-57B and the others look splendid too.   Would I be letting the side down to say I think I like the B-57B canopy best of the different ones fitted to Canberras?


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On 29/10/2018 at 07:23, woody37 said:

doesn’t a ‘Canberra’ look good in that cameo scheme

Looks good in any scheme if you ask me! Very nice models.




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