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Masking for Camouflage


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To create models without decals

First of all is to achieve a camouflage of your personally choice.

Second is to get your personal markings

Third is to get your stencils on the model

All of them without carrier film and without silvering. How to achieve this goal will be subject of my posts now.

The camouflage is the first one. As example the A-4 from the IAF.

The markings the second one. Here as example the Tempest from Special Hobby in 1/32.

The stencils are from HGW, and they will be subject of a seperate post.


How to make masks for spraying camouflage of an a/c?

First of all, we have to settle a few things:

·        Do you have photo sources?

·        Do the photos contain a top view, a side view right and left?

·        Without distortion?

·        You know how to handle a photo-editing program?

·        You have access to CorelDraw?

·        You know Tamiya masking foil in size 250x180mm?

·        For cutting we need a glass plate of a size of a small book

·        And a special tool:


Special tool from Japan from Airtex


I checked it right now, and it is only available in Japan or via Japan. This tool goes round every tiny curve without any edges! The curves are smooth and elegant.

To prevent any distortion of the sprayed surface, I use Mr.Color C-colors. The H series dries too slowly and the layer is too soft. It is my way, to spray most areas on the a/c. As well as national insignia and markings. I do not use a plotter, since I do not want to do it that way. This is too much for me, so I want to do it easily. I prefer to buy my masks for this purpose.













Happy modelling




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