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US NAVY CH-46 Question

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Just curious - what is the function of the "pigeon hole" housing arrangement device on the front door of this Navy Frog, have seen it on a number of US Navy CH-46?



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You can always select the text and paste it into the address bar.


Or, in Windows 10 at least, you can select the link, right click.  The dialog box lets you  "Go to" the link.


Lovely shot when you get there.


Edit:  Ha!  Now there's an error message.  It's an auction site, I wonder . . .

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23 hours ago, hwallen1410 said:



It is an HH-46 with a 1400 watt loudspeaker for use in SAR sorties.


See here Here and Here for a nice interior view.



Brilliant - that is some serious Kenwood Sound System - many thanks for that!

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