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Heller's 1/125 Boeing 727 kit is one of their more questionable ones.


The overall shape is actually very good and represents the graceful lines of the 727.

The cockpit area is sadly misshaped and if built up unchanged,the model looks very strange.

Also the landing gear is very basic and due to my changes in the nose area it was impossible to install it properly.Thats why I decided to place the model on a display stand.


I spent a long time in reshaping the nose,using tons of putty and having endless sanding sessions.

During that time,I lost the hope of producing a halfway decent result and the kit went to the shelf of doom,where it sat for more than a year.

Earlier this year I decided to give it another go to see if I can get it done.If not,the kit would end up in the bin...


Somehow I managed to achieve an acceptable result and get it over the finishing line.

It was a problematic build all along but it came out all right.

Apart from the cockpit window,all decals are from the kit and at least they worked fine.The cabin windows are filled with Micro Scale Krystal Klear











Even kitty made an appearance...







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On 23/10/2018 at 01:17, Skodadriver said:

Looks like you are heading for a record!


Thanks for another excellent model made even better by the presence of one of your cats :cat:

Thank you very much.


Yes the summer month had been very productive at my assembly line,almost finished now all of my part started,near finished models.


Kitty was also a bit irritated because of so many models standing around all of a sudden 😉

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