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Hello one and all,


I have been meaning to join a GB for a while now.  I was going to enter the P-51 STGB, but typically I couldn't find my decals for the aircraft... anyhow, I was looking at this one thinking that I don't own anything that I could use - yeah, I was a wee bit wrong there.  A quick check of the stash proves I have about 15 x F-15's, a few Intruders, a few Prowlers, a Hawkeye and a Greyhound.  After checking with Tempestmk5, I know what can and can't be entered into this GB.  So lets go!


So I can not build the F-14's I have for Ace Combat, however I can build an F-14 from a film as it actually flew!  No not THAT film, I'm starting with an F-14 from "The Final Countdown", never seen this film.  Has anyone else?  Is it worth watching?




As far as I understand it, the F-14 on the cover is based on an VF-84 F-14 and not the one from the film as they have *MUCH* larger stars and bars beacuse - film plot?  I also have the below...




  Now the Dragon F-14 is complete and utter garbage, but the F-18F is pretty decent.  So I will replace the F-14 in this kit with an extra F-14 I have from Revell, which I have built before and loved the kit.  See below...




Please excuse how terrible the finish is, I built this on my return to the hobby 6-7 years ago.  I remember enjoying building this kit then however. 


Depending how far I get I also have these to add.... You can see the decal option for "The Final Countdown" there as well.




Now this is where the fun happens... the "others" I will bring to the table.  I said I also have a Hawkeye and Greyhound to add to the party.  However I can only build one, I know Enzo will come straight in and say "Build Both!" but unforunately that isn't possible as the Greyhound kit is a conversion for the Hawkeye and I only have one Hawkeye (for now).  Pictures below...








Now the same as the F-14A/D, I have also built the Hawkeye before.  This was also upon my return to the hobby, but I am still pretty happy with the end result.  Ignore the dirty black line, I was playing around with preshading with a sharpie.  It didn't work...




Then we have the Prowler and Intruder... I recon these two will have the most interest...




Just trust me, there is two Prowlers and two Intruders in that box... infact there is alot of plastic in that box.  Now the eagle eyed amoung you will have spotted the goodies next to the box... yes I have lots of goodies for these birds.  See below!




I do have a thing for Domi's stuff over at Retrowings - his stuff is sooo good!  I only have enough for one Prowler but three for the Intruder (I have a single kit laying around somewhere).  The ALQ-99's where purchased for a Growler kit, but i can use them here as well.  Strange question - are the Prowlers wings the same as the Intruders?  I mean for the wing fold bits.


So while I am build at least 2 F-14's... not sure what else to add next... Hawkeye, Greyhound, Prowler or Intruder?  Hopefully I can get at least one of these ladies finished as my record in GB's isn't fantastic. 🤣  Oh forgot to add that I also have two Dragon carrier decks to add *IF* I get the time.  Now that I think about it, I have about 5 boxes of the Wildcat from Sweet... :hmmm:


Kind Regards,



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Another tiny Tomcat. I'll have to lift my game and actually start mine (and the thread...)


'Final Countdown' is... an '80s military movie with a large sci-fi element. It's fun and worth watching, but don't expect 'Citizen Kane'. Or even 'Top Gun' (no Kelly McGillis, for a start.) Bring popcorn and your beverage of choice.

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