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Fun and Folded The Airfix Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat 1/72

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Hello and welcome to my latest build.

After a few weeks of indecision I literally grabbed a box and went with it. I’ve wanted to build this little gem since I bought it a while back and the folded wing option sold it. :eat:

I’m not sure what or where this is going but as long as I have fun that’s all that counts. I do hope you’ll join me with this one.  I think I’m going to go for the stripy tail option but who knows.:innocent:

Here’s the obligatory box with some lovely art.


The sprues or trees? Are lovely, the parts are really well detailed I love these new tool Airfix kits. 


Check out them bumps :lol:


The office is first up. All but one of the parts are brilliant, just a few pin marks here that I filled with PPP.


I glued some of the base bits in place and dry fitted the other bits and bobs.


and the other side.


I think I have some PE belts kicking around I can re-purpose.

just before I finished I cleaned up the main fuselage and did a dry fit.


Oooh she’s lovely.  I’ll try and get a bit more done this weekend.

Take care fellow Britmodellers and as alway. Happy Modelling.


Johnny wildcat. 😺

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37 minutes ago, Timmas said:

Ooh a seat  at the front. I'm in for this one...

Cool. Glad to have you on board. 😺

31 minutes ago, Jinxman said:

..cockpit looks spoodly, what colour scheme will she end up in?

It’s great isn’t it. If you look at the box shot it’ll be the bottom option of the two. Probably. :innocent: I think. 

7 minutes ago, Sturmovik said:

I'd like to see the extended wings with retracted gear option, that way you can simulate dogfights.

That would be too easy. The landing gear on this one is ace!!!! 

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17 minutes ago, giemme said:

I'm in, Johnny Wildcat! :Tasty:


This looks like a little gem 👏



Thanks G. I’ll try to keep it as OOB but I’m not promising at this stage. 😆

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Another new tool Airfix Wildcat/Martlet build on BM, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist adding one (more likely more!) to the stash.


Watching with interest.



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7 hours ago, almac said:

Looking good so far. I’ll keep watching and get some tips for mine. Cheers Allan 

I’m going to have a mooch around and look for tips too. Great to have you aboard sir. :lol:

7 hours ago, Andwil said:

Another new tool Airfix Wildcat/Martlet build on BM, I don’t think I’ll be able to resist adding one (more likely more!) to the stash.


Watching with interest.



Awww gawd!!! I didn’t know there was a GB going on. 😮 I’ll try and keep the noise down. 😺

9 minutes ago, Spookytooth said:

I am sitting here with pop corn Johnny.

The U/C is fun but it should not be too much of a problem for you sir.



Thanks!!! I’ll try and make it a fun un. 

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Before I continue I was going to use Xf-19 for the full grey and xf-71 xf-1 9:1  for the interior green. Does that sound like a plan? I can’t seem to find any definitive answers. Thanks for any help guys.🖌️



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34 minutes ago, CedB said:

Good news, Johnny with wings again. I'm in :popcorn:

Indeed! 😄 

22 minutes ago, Spookytooth said:

I don`t know if this is any good for you Johnny.





Thanks it was. 😎

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5 hours ago, Bigdave22014 said:

Sigh. It's not the helicopter I was hoping for, but it's a good 'un! 

I had the box on the bench for a week then changed my mind at the last minute.

next time. 🤔 I love the emerald internals. 

2 hours ago, keefr22 said:

Well you couldn't have much more of a size contrast with the Lanc Johnny!


Good start, looking forward to more!



True! Glad you guys are on board. 🤗

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A little more done this morning. Mixed up the paint ant went at it. The pin marks won’t be seen when buttoned up.


:banghead:in my haste I’d forgotten to pre shade. So I post shaded instead.

Subtle but I like the look.


I love 1/72 less than 40 drops of paint per air brush top up.


The decals will need to conform over all those bumps, shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll make a few adjustments too.

I masked for the front grey blast.


Went on well. I’ll let that dry for a bit. Hmmmmmm :pilot:wings.


You get two sets with this kit. I’m using the folded ones.


its nice to get to use clips again.

masking off. Odd but it’s what it says to do.


The office got a bit more paint and decals. I cut up some old PE belts and popped ‘em on.


the decals went on nicely with micro sol.

dry fitting as I go I noticed this hole is too small.


A little widening with a swan Morton and BOSH!


In it went. I did the same on the other side. The decal went on well on the ip with micro sol.


im not that happy with the cartoonish white lines so I’m going to paint them out.

gloss coat next so I can begin weathering.

Thanks for dropping in. I’m off to pop another slog on the fire. Maybe a spot of wine.

hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend. 


Johnny. 🐱

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Some very nice progress already, Johnny :clap:

Looks like you're going full speed with this one :thumbsup:



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