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Gannets on HMS Eagle R05 deck in 1956

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After the 1955 refit (angled deck introduction) HMS Eagle sailed in May 1956 to Malta with the air wing consisting of Seahawks, Sea Venoms, Wyverns, Gannets and Skyraider AEWs. Then the Gannets were flown home from Malta and R05 took part in Operation Musketeer in the end of October. Afterwards (somewhere in 1957) another Gannet flight is listed again as operating from the Eagle deck.

My questions are:

  • does anybody know the dates when the first Gannet flight (812 NAS) left the Eagle deck and when another (814 NAS) Gannet flight landed on the same deck after the Suez campaign? 
  • when were the black & yellow identification stripes painted on the Eagle aircraft in 1956 and when were they removed?
  • are there any photos of the R05 deck featuring any "striped" planes (Seahawk, Sea Venom, a.s.o.) side by side with Gannet (with no stripes of course)?

Thank you in advance for any help in this matter



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