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Tim's Italeri Electric Raven - COMPLETED


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Joining you with this Italeri EF-111A kit


Kit cost me £15 for this and an Academy F15C Eagle, earlier this year at IPMS Avon show.

For which I have these MicroScale decals for the prototype - costing £4.


I cleared this project with Patrice in the chat thread, as the EF was a Grumman conversion.


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Quite why Grumman converted an F-111, and not an F14 is a mystery to me. Probably 'cos this was USAF led project.


However now that we're up and running, here are the parts - with last night's interior decoration of the office.



Intent is to build this aircraft.


Pics from a book at Jet Age.


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I've now had time to study my decals.

It appears there are no stripes for the undersides - so don't believe my earlier photo that does show them 😞

But I've got them sussed.


Stripes for forward fuseleage, splitter plates, rear fuselage, then tail.

Stripes for tailplanes - having a squared-off end.

Stripes for fuselage shoulders - flared-out ends.

And stripes for the moving wings.

Then there's walkways, servicing, and hoisting points!

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I've just realised that 66-049 (subject aircraft of this build), was the aircraft on static at Fairford 1991 (repainted grey by then).

So I've seen and photographed this plane.

Now, coming in for refuelling, instructions put the reciprocal marking backwards.


Stripes are This side only so far.


Daren't handle it anymore - until they're well set.

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