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Ding Hao T-34/85 OOTB with full interior

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Hi all, this is my first full interior kit. It is a T-34/85 Berlin 1945 by Ding Hao and the base is by Coastal Kits.

i am thinking of entering this into the Scalemodel world in Telford this year in the Junior entry as i am still eligible. i also need help on how i should display it, any tips would be highly appreciated 😃



sorry about bad quality, Instagram compresses the photos, plus i have awful lighting for photos

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Hi, it looks as a good work but if you need reliable opinions you should add better photos and definitely lighter ones. I'm looking forward to you new photos.


Best regards


P.S. if you don't have a good flash then try to take picture near the window on sunny day.

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As Witjas said, some better photos would help .  Your T34 looks good though. I suspect the interior is the better area to display, otherwise why bother with such a kit?


So, how about your dismanelted T34 on a display base of a trapezoid shape, but with 3 printed photos of the kit fully made up and placed at the rear and sides of the base?


Something like this;














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