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F-14D “Bombcat” VF-31 CAG “OIF” - painted

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Wow it has been awhile since I’ve up dated this build, but with the P-43 finally out of the way I can focus on her.


I been doing little bit here and there since the last update, the cockpit is pretty well all done, I’m leaving out the seats to last. All but the main cockpit shroud has been fitted, the canopy has been masked and the insides painted black....not a fun job. For some bizarre reason Tamiya supplies cockpit mask only for the outside and you have to cut them out!


I’ve closed up the canopy but the main section is just tacked in place for painting. Once that’s out of the way I’ll remove that section and complete the cockpit. Everything that needs to be fitted for painting has been and the model has been given one final going over.


So painting...... First up everything has been given a coat of Mr Paint Fine White Primer, this stuff goes on super fine and gives a nice surface for the paint to bit into. Really happy with this coat, all the seams are perfect.


Next up some panels were masked, then a coat of Mr Paint White. This is the first of the panel pre-shading.






Then some more masking and a coat of Mr Paint Basalt Grey, I’m still not sure if I’ll use a darker paint of not, if so some of the panels will be “Night Fighter Black”, this is a very dark grey.






I plan to do maybe two more lots of panel masking, will see how it looks after the next one as they take ages to mask.


The plan is to do all the panel pre-shading, then do the panel lines, and finish off with a light mottle of greys & white, which should be enough for the painting base.  I then paint her all over with the mid grey 36320 (I think)  then a light/fine coat of the two remaining greys (36273 & . The real aircraft had a very faded finish that almost looked like just one colour.....that’s what I’m aiming foir.


This Mr Paint is so fine, I have 5 or 6 layers of paint in a couple of spots and the surface detail is a crisp as areas with just one coat!


The other thing, the proper exhaust cans, the open ones,  arrive a couple of weeks ago.




It turns out they’re 3D printed and the detail is amazing. The difference compared to the Tamiya and Hasegawa ones........




              Hasegawa open,            Tamiya open,               KA open,            KA closed,         Hasegawa closed


They painted up perfectly and look awesome until I tried to do a wash.....and the base paint came off!




I had similar trouble with the closed ones as well, the material used in 3D printing doesn’t like paint! I striped them back and tried some lacquer primer to see how that works.


I’m hoping to have all the base painting completed by Monday as I’m off with work again come Tuesday....off to the Northern Territory this time, so I’ll only have limited time to finish her off.


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It has been a little while since I’ve updated this build and now I’m away with work so everything below was done before I left….about a week ago……


….. and the painting is just about all done, just the clear coats and maybe some panel/panel line highlighting.


So to painting….. I gave her a once over final look and cleaned up a couple of spots then a complete wipe down with enamel thinners. The cockpit is 80% done but to a stage where I could fit the front section properly and then tack on the main section. This way I could paint everything at once and get a sort of even finish.


This done she was given a coat of Mr Paint Fine White Primer (all the paints used will be Mr paint Lacquer Acrylics), this stuff goes on so fine I needed to give her a couple of coats. No photos of her in primer.


I wanted to see if I could do some panel differentiation with some pre-shading so masked up some areas and painted them white. It’s a bit subtle but it sort of worked.






Next up some more masking and some grey this time…






Finally some more masking and another grey, some Swedish Black (??) plus some alternate colour for the part of the wings that are covered when swept. That bit didn’t quite work out, so will have to now do it post painting.








Now the fun bit, giving her a mottle scheme of with/greys/black, it actually looks like a cool camo scheme in it’s self.




Now the main colours, first on was the 35237 on the main upper surfacers, followed by 36375 on the under surfacers, then with a wee bit of masking 36320 on the nose section. There were a couple of coats of each of these to get the effect I was after. Then the whole model was given a light dusting of the Mid-Grey 36320. On the real thing it’s mentioned that the greys had faded so much it almost looked like one colour…I didn’t quite go to that extreme, but close








The photo’s don’t do the paint job justice and being shiny doesn’t help but she has the mottled faded look I was after.





Next up I started doing some of the re-paint panels and panel-lines, nothing too extreme as I’ve not tried this before so less is better in this case.




...and the "cans" have been uncoated for a second attempt at painting them!




…and just a quick look to see how she’ll look with weapons….and I discovered that the got the colours around the wrong way with the GBU-12! :doh:




That’s where she was at, when I get home I’ll spend some time on the panel-line painting before a clear coat and decals. There’s still quite a bit of work to be done on the finish but hopefully I can get it all done on my next break.

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ok...the reference photos I have had the colours swapped around, plus I've found some yesterday where the whole thing is OD!


I think I'll have to repaint it and the others anyway as the green is way too dark.


Thanks for the photo, it gives me a good idea of how dirty and grubby the bombs are.

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