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Model T 1914 Fire Truck With Crew - ICM 1:24 24017


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Model T 1914 Fire Truck With Crew

ICM 1:24 24017




The Ford Model T car has gone down in history as the worlds first mass produced car.   By 1927 in a little over 9 years 15 million cars were produced. In 1999 the Model T was crowned the most influential car of the 20th Century. 


The Model

The model arrives in the usual sturdy box with a separate top sleeve with a nice artist’s representation of the vehicle on the front. Inside, within a large poly bag, are four sprues of grey plastic, a clear spure and 4 rubber tyres. There is also one caramac sprue for the figures.




The build starts with the nicely detailed engine with the block and gearbox halves glued together followed by the addition of the rocker covers, fan belt, dynamo, exhaust manifold, cooling fan, cooling pipes, and other sundry items.  The radiator is attached to the front axle and just needs the radiator grille glued to it to complete the assembly. The radiator/axle is then glued to the front of the floor pan/chassis.  The rear axle, drive shaft and differential are built up from only three parts and fitted to the underside of the chassis along with the two piece exhaust/silencer unit. The front and rear axle support frames are then added, as is the steering rack. The four wheels, rubber tyres are added to the spoke wheels and are glued to the axles, the construction moves to the body work.






The rear engine wall (not a firewall as its not solid) is made up and added, the engine covers are then added. The floor pan is made up followed by the four part seat, which is then added in. The rear fire fighting tanks are made up and added along with an equipment basket which sits over the top.  The racks for the side mounted ladders are part of the tanks construction. The steering column is then made up and added. The firefighting hose is added to the equipment basket and ladders made up and added to the side. Four different vehicle lamps are made up and added. Additional fire fighting equipment is made up ad added on the running board on the opposite side to the ladder.








There are no decals included in this kit.




This is ICM set 24006 "American Fire Truck Crew". It is a set of two figures for the fire truck. One is the driver and the second is another fireman standing on the running board directing the driver. The two figures are on one sprue of the now familiar caramac coloured plastic.  There will be some seam lines to clean up on a few parts but nothing excessive. In general the mould in crisp and clean with plenty of detail. 






This is another great addition to the Model T series that ICM have been releasing. As with the other versions, it looks like it wont be a difficult kit to make, but will look great once painted. Recommended. 




Review sample courtesy of logo.gif


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