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F-4Js of VF-103 out of NAS Miramar at Nellis AFB for an exercise, November 1980.


155510 AD204, drag  chute still connected and wrapped around the missile launcher to avoid tangling during taxi back to the ramp - nice weathering subject...

155510 vf-103 AC204 KLSV 19810400 29cr


155510 vf-103 AC204 KLSV 19910400 35cr


155733 AC212

155733 vf-103 AC212 KLSV 19810400 23cr


155754 AC203

155754 vf-103 AC203 KLSV 19810400 31cr


157307 AC202 taxiing out

157307 vf-103 AC202 KLSV 19810400 13cr


Thanks for looking,


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