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AMK Mig-31 B/BS Finally done

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I started this kit two years ago and for the best part of last year it was just sitting collecting dust,I just didn't feel like doing any work on it.I finally decided to get it done this month and here it is.No it didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would (I still got a lot of learining and improving ahead of me) but it could have been worse.

Took these pics real quick with my phone hence the bad quality.























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10 hours ago, CzarPeppers said:

I'm curious what colour you used for the grey (well... grey obviously, but you know what I mean), I plan on doing this kit when I get around to it. 

I used RAL 7040 because that's what I had laying around.It's not the "official" colour that AMK recommends but to my eyes it looks about right.

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16 minutes ago, Booty003 said:

That is a beauty, I think that you are being too harsh on yourself.  Those burner cans are monstrous, you could park a car in there!!

Yeah the plane itself is massive,my other 1/48 kits look like 1/72 next to it lol

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This model came out great!  In my own case the only perfect model is the one in my mind before I start cutting parts off the sprue.  Once that happens things are no longer perfect but it is still fun.  In your case there may be flaws but they are not apparent from the pictures (which you also did a nice job on). Your MiG turned out very nice indeed.

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