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David Mooney

U.S. Seals fatigues

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That's a huge question that can't answered easily.


US special operations teams have operated in Afghanistan since 2001 and their clothing and equipment has changed massively during that period. They wear/wore many different camouflage types (or mixes thereof) and a wide assortment of civilian 'outdoors' clothing.


The best solution would be to find some photos of the particular timeframe you want to portray and work from them. A good primer is the Osprey Elite title 'Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan' (they also do a similar book on special operations forces in Iraq).


Add to that - the clothing would wear and fade depending on how hard it was used and how old it was. so colours are variable at best. Don't get hung up on exact matches - go with colours that look and feel right to you.






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SEALS, being US Navy land forces, would most likely be wearing what ever US Marines were using at the time. Desert MARPAT is a good choice for anytime after 2002. Currently, Multicam would be an option, but that depends on locating a source for the clothing as it's not used by the Marines.


Prior to that, 3 color desert. 


These guys do what they want, when they want. and are given a lot of lee way in choosing the gear appropriate for the job at hand. That said they are military and adhere to the rules.






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SEALs tended not to use MARPAT, instead using the "old" pattern Woodland/Desert DCU. They have on occasion been seen using AOR2 digital camo, which bears a similarity to MARPAT.

Genuine MARPAT has the USMC "Globe and Anchor" printed in the pattern, and embroidered on the breast pocket. 

They were amongst the first US units to use Multicam.

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