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TKS Tankette with Hotchkiss wz.25 HMG (35045) - 1:35 IBG Models

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TKS Tankette with Hotchkiss wz.25 HMG (35045)

1:35 IBG Models




The TKS Tankette was an improved version of the Polish TK Tankette which itself was based on a British Carden Loyd tankette. The TKS had an improved chassis and armour upgraded from 8mm to 10mm, as a result a more powerful engine was also fitted. Only 24 upgraded TKS's had been provided to the Polish Army by the time of WWII. They were designed to be used for reconnaissance and infantry support. Unfortunately they were of little use against German tanks except the Panzer I. The Tankette was armed with a Hotchkiss wz.25 which was a Polish version of the Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun re-chambered for the Mauser 7.92mm cartridge. The gun was able to be removed from the Tankette and used on a roof Mount enabling it to be used in the anti aircraft role as well. A small number were fitted with a 20mm gun which was of more use against tanks with one unit successfully destroying 3 German tanks. After the German invasion the Germans did use them like they did most equipment but only in support and training roles. 


The Kit

This is a new kit for IBG this year. All the parts are well moulded and crisp. They have had help with this kit from The Polish Army Museum and they acknowledge this on the box. After just reviewing a Panther is surprising how small this kit is at about 4 inches long. The kit is complete with a full interior to show off. There is also the addition of two crew members which are posed using the Hotchkiss mounted on the roof in an anti-aircraft role. The kit arrives on 10 small sprues, 4 for the tracks and 2 for the figures. There are also 3 small PE frets and a sheet of white decal markings (not shown). Also worth note is some very clear 3D cad instructions, 






Construction starts with the engine and a few parts which will later go into the interior. Once these are done things move onto the running gear. The idler wheels and the suspension units are added to the side rails along with the small return rollers and main running wheels. These can then be added to the lower chassis along with the drive wheels. The tracks then need to be built up. These are link and length and are quite small even though this is a 1/35 the track size is more akin to a 1/72 armour kit, No jig is provided but the tracks will sit on the wheels. Once the tracks are on the top covers can be added and the drive axle added. Now the tracks are on the interior can be fitted out. The engine and gear box are added along with the radiator, steering mechanism,  and other internal parts. The front cover with the inlet grill for the radiator is then added. This completes the lower hull.






For the upper hull hatches are made up and added to the front. The top hatches can be in the open or closed positions though it would be a shame to close them and loose all that interior detail. The gun and its mounting can then be inserted, though if you are going to mount the gun on top just put the mounting in. The top can then be added to the chassis. To finish off some small parts including tools are added along with the exhaust assembly. The top mount for the machine gun also needs to be added.




Two Polish army figures are supplied in poses manning the top machine gun against air attack? The figures are well sculpted. An ammunition box and ammunition run are included as PE parts. The decal sheet (not shown) provides markings for a machine used by the 10th Cavalry Brigade in September 1939.







I really enjoy reviewing IBG's kits and it's great to see them turn out another kit of a Polish Subject. Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of 


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