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A case or pouch for a BIG Lens!

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Hi, everyone ...

I’ve just bought a Tamron 150 - 600mm zoom lens from a well known online auction company.  It’s pretty big as you can imagine and quite heavy.  I’ve tried it and it works fine but definitely needs support, either with a monopod or tripod. It has a tripod collar.


My problem is the lens came with original packaging which does not include any form of protective pouch or case.  For safety’s sake I want something.  I’ve looked online but haven’t yet found one large enough to definitely hold the lens with tripod collar attached.


Has anyone any ideas where I can find such a piuch or case?  I’m talking of a diameter of over 130mm / 13cm.


Any advice / suggestions gratefully received!!!





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Hi Jonny


You haven't said how long the lens is however Lowepro produce a 13cm by 32cm Lens Case: Lowepro 13cm x 32cm lens case which might be suitable.


Alternatively, I have found that the easiest and safest way to carry my "long" lens is to fit it to a camera body and then carry them both in a suitable backpack camera bag.


Hope this helps you out.

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I second the recommendation of LowePro. Good stuff. My LP camera bag is nearly 15 years old and has been roundly abused, yet still works.


You may not find a soft case to fit the lens with the collar attached, but you'll probably find a hard case. Best option for my way of working is to leave the collar off and at home most of the time, or have it in the camera bag to attach if needed.


Big lenses are ALWAYS a faff around to work with, but they can be worth it. If you're planning on shooting airshows (or indeed anything that moves) from a tripod, you'll pretty soon find that you want a gimbal mount for it- Wimberley make the best in the business. However, using a tripod will condemn you to not being right on the front line at an airshow. Hit the gym, limber up those muscles, and hand hold the thing! Much more flexible.

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I hate shooting most anything with a tripod unless it's something static (or something that needs a long exposure). I use a 200-400 ƒ4 handheld and a 600mm ƒ4 on a monopod. The monopod generally acting as something to lean on and rest in between shots (when it comes to airplanes). For cases, check out the Glass Taxi by Think Tank. I have more Think Tank bags/gear than probably any other single brand. They make robust, pro-level gear. 

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You'll soon get fed up with carrying a hard-shell case around. Lowepro is a good recommendation for a bag and they do specialist lens bags



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