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Here’s your chance to have some input on what our next releases will be! We have art underway for a number of subjects, and we’d like to hear what you would want next. There are three sets of two subjects each:

- 1/48 MiG-21F-13 paired with 1/48 MiG-19/J-6

- 1/48 Vichy MS 406s paired with 1/72 Piper L-4/J-3

- 1/48 Grumman Goose paired with 1/72 Naval T-Birds


The naval T-Bird sheet is a reprint, and the MiG-19/J-6 sheet is a reprint with some new schemes. Why are they paired up this way? It’s to keep the number of colours in each print run to a minimum… e.g. both the MS 406 sheet and Piper L-4 sheet use French roundel colours. So, either post here, visit our website (www.iliad-design.com) or email us, and let us know which two-sheet pair you’d like to see next. No guarantees, but we’ll certainly take your wants into consideration. Oh… also please note that the art here is not yet finalized, and there may well be small changes in the end product. Thanks, and looking forward to your input.

Bob Migliardi





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