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Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6 (7213) - 1:72 BPK (Big Planes Kits) via Mikromir


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Pilatus Turbo Porter PC-6 (7213)
1:72BPK (Big Planes Kits) via Mikromir



The Pilatus Porter aircraft is a single engine high wing light aircraft. It was designed and built, since 1959 by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd in Switzerland, and built under licence by Fairchild-Hiller Corp in the USA. It is designed to be a small transport aircraft with exceptionally short take off and landing performance. The Pilatus Porter is a versatile aircraft and has found many uses with both military and civil operators, and it has been used as a passenger or transport aircraft in virtually any situation. The Porter can be fitted with skis or floats, and has found a place as an ideal aircraft for use with parachuting groups.

The Kit
The kit arrives with 4 sprues of injected plastic, a photo-etched fret, a couple of resin parts, 6 resin parts, a decal sheet, and a sheet of masks. Panel lines are very lightly recessed, BPK have this exactly right as they are just deep enough to be visible, rather than the heavy 'trenches' that some manufacturers seem to favour. Construction starts in the interior. The cabin seats are attached to their frames and these are added into the rear cabin. In the front the instrument panel is built up and added to the front of the cabin floor. The pilots seats are then added along with rudder pedals and control columns. The completed cabin is then added into the fuselage along with the rear bulkhead. The tail wheel assembly is added at this time. 






Next up tow sub assemblies are made up for adding later. The nose is made up and the prop added, then the main landing gear unit is made up with its resin wheels. The main wing is then made up. The top is one part to which the bottom two parts are added along with the flaps. This is then attached to the fuselage and the glazing is added along with the side doors. The tailplanes and rudder units are then added. The completed nose & landing gear units are added. Lastly a variety of external parts are added such as aerials and the flap actuators.







Decals are by Decograph from the Ukraine and look to have no issues. 4 schemes are provided;


  • 20th Year PC-6 Markings, Austrian Air Force, Langenlebarn AB, Austria 1996
  • UV-20A, US Army, Berline 1980
  • OE-EMD Red Bull Markings, Austrian (The modeller will have to paint the yellow areas using the supplied masks)
  • Austrian Air Force 2013




This is a great kit from BPK. They make the best use of the various material to bring you a great looking kit.


Highly recommended. 



Review sample courtesy of




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17 minutes ago, manuel said:

Nothing to worry about, a slight typo on my part, the decal sheet is correct if you look.

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