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Spanish Dornier Do-27 ?


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No idea as to why they have an oriental figure as nose art, but there is a nice picture and some other info Here.


BTW, it seems to be an A4 rather than a B4 as stated on the decals. It is also Ala de Caza 12 not Ala de Caza 15 .



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Hi, mate.....

Some years ago, that question was asked in a spanish modeliing site, no longer existing....

For what it's known, no special meaning, just a kind of "nose art". Some sources go further in this matter, and claim it to be the "motto" of the liasion pilots from Ala de Caza nº 12. There's an old saying here in Spain, for those who work hard with no rest, its said that "trabajan como chinos" (work like a chinese).

Those little planes were always ready for service, doing all kind of works, from liaision, light transport, delivery van, fire fighting, reconnaissance, VIP transport and so. But that's just a spurious theory.

Anyway, just the first 50 planes entering service with the Ejército del Aire were Dorniers. From L9-51 onwards, they were spanish built CASA 127.











Best regards...!!

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1/72 Special Hobby casa 127/ do27 with the LF decals for my kit.


In the box, you have Spanish decals for Alu camo.


I hope decal maker do for SAR (with yellow band) and three tones (like he 112) spanish camo !

And if you have a draw (or just know the name) of the car group at left of the seventh picture, it's wonderful !



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8 hours ago, Fulcrum@ said:

And if you have a draw (or just know the name) of the car group at left of the seventh picture

I've shown the pic to my father (he's an Ejército del Aire veteran), and his answer was, freely translated..."WTF, who knows.....but those wheels came from a Citroën 2CV"....

Some of that auxiliary equipment was of makeshift origins, usually made by local manufacturers.....but if you want to put a vehicle nearby your Dornier, go for a Series II Land Rover SWB.....

If you prefer something more bizarre than a plain Landy, try this.....you'll sure become the target of all the comments...


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No, he's not in the pic...I think those are CASA's engineers...My father is the guy you can see in my avatar pic....

anyway, note that the 600 has a civilian reg. "M" stands for Madrid. The nice feature in that pic are the wheels....different pattern...!!


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