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1/35th Roman soldiers

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Does anyone know of any manufacturers that do model kits of Roman figures in 1/35th? I know that HaT do some toy soldiers, but I'm looking for model figures to build. Something like Legionaries in the first century?


There doesn't seem be anyone making kits of Roman soldiers, which I find a bit remarkable, I have to say.

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I think the only injected plastic Roman figures are in 1/16th scale by Miniart.


There are probably some in 54mm scale in resin or white metal, try -



Alernatively you would have to convert from 8th army and/or Afrika Korps figures. I used Airfix multipose for this vignette -




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Thanks Niall.


I presume that that link is to toy soldiers, rather than a kit of figures (in the Dragon or Tamiya sense) ? Which wouldn't really suit what I'm looking for.


The 1/16th stuff looks interesting. But I'm more of a 35th guy when it comes to figures. Space being an issue in my gaff. :)


Also, I'm stupidly anal about scales. I'm only make 1/72nd for the large bulk of models and, recently, 1/35th for figures only.  Mad, I know.


Your conversion is fantastic looking. But, I wouldn't have the patience (or time) these days to embark on a project like that, I'm afraid.

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The figures from Historex Agents, if they have any, are resin and/or white metal.


The other link is to soft plastic figures.


Done a search for 54mm Roman Soldiers and this was 1 of many results(Historex Agents stock this range) -


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