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F-4M/K Phantom II - Matchbox 1/72


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I've had some troublesome builds recently so time for something more straightforward as a bit of a rest (where have we heard that before?)

Phil ( @HP42 ) has donated a number of kits to me as part of his 'stash reduction' and this is another... one which will hopefully need less effort than the B-36 AND take up far less space on the ceiling. It came in a bag but I think, based on the transfers, that it's this one:




I know very little about Phantoms so please bear with me (and chip in with anything you like to add to the fun).


I'd like to build this as a sort of memorial to Mrs B's Uncle Tom who sadly passed away recently. His memorial service sheet had this on the cover:





I'll try to do it justice...

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What's in the bag? Some instructions:


30988340838_b1cb9d36b2_n.jpg 44810952272_074e4dea93_n.jpg 44140057834_27148ff008_n.jpg


Ah so, not English instructions then and no scheme diagram. Not to worry, there's also these:




Some shots of the parts:










Looks OK? We shall see...

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I must have had shares in Matchbox with the amount of these I’ve badly built, great fun though in the scheme of things.



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Ooh. I remember my good friend Chris the Smurf knocking out about half-a-dozen of these about 40 years ago, put together with tube glue and painted with a hairy stick. He opened the auxiliary doors on each one, and was a good customer for Modeldecal.

Phantoms weren't my phing back then, but I have learned the errors of my ways.

I shall be watching this build with interest.

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What you really want to outsource with this one buddy is a pointy nose from somebody else's 'toom


I'll see if I have one in the weapons box, it kinda rings a bell


Matchbox's nose cone is a tad round ended I recall


I might have a canopy too, I'll add that to the search engine


Oh I'll be over there when I come back from the pub to watch The Bodyguard like almost half or the adult population of GB

Over there, behind Keith


Stealing his Welsh cakes when he isn't looking, look you

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58 minutes ago, perdu said:

Stealing his Welsh cakes when he isn't looking, look you


Ha ha, too late Bill, I've literally just finished the last two....!!


If you don't have a radome & canopy I'm fairly sure I've got one of each....



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I'll sling a hammock up near the bar then.


BTW. Uncle Tom's memorial sheet had a Phantom on it because?

You can't just leave us in suspense like that.

Unless it's to the shame of the family that he ran away to sea.... 🚣‍♂️

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Photos & cover art show an F-4 without tailtop antenna, but the kit has one on.  So is it staying?  The Ulster Aviation Society have just finished a repaint into navy colours.  Does look good



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