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Green Flag 81-3: 12th Tac Recce Squadron

Old Viper Tester

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12th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron out of Bergstrom AFB at Nellis for Green Flag 81-3, April 1981.

This was a tragic deployment for the 12th. 71-0250 crashed on the Nellis training ranges on 16 April with the loss of both crewmen. The next day, 68-0611 also crashed on the range killing both crew. The squadron stood down and departed for Bergstrom in the following days.



68-0609 12trs BA KLSV 19810400 39cr



68-0611 12trs BA KLSV GF81-3 19810400 11cr


68-0611 12trs BA KLSV GF81-3 19810400 24cr



69-0378 12trs BA KLSV 19810500 27cr


72-0147 12trs BA KLSV 19810400 36cr



71-0250 12trs BA KLSV GF81-3 19810400 34cr


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17 hours ago, whiskey said:

Did they ever discover what happened?


15 hours ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

What was the A.F. Boards determination for the crashes ?  

I posted this same article on a Facebook F-4 group and asked for clarification of my recollection. Someone who was flying with the 12th at the time responded with this:


"71-0250 crashed 16 April 1981 (Johnson/Gholson) and 68-0611 (Vaeth/Heidemann) the next day. Four fine men from 12th TRS died. Both aircraft had mechanical failures at low altitude. Ejections too low."


I never did see the mishap board report, by that June I had been posted from Nellis to Edwards and was immediately immersed in the T-38 and A-37 with the Test Pilot School. Haven't been able to find anything authoritative on line. There are some sources on the net that say '611 was written off at Tyndall AFB on 17 April and I know that can't be right since '611 was on the other side of the country at the time.



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