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Max the Cat

Serbian T-34 colours and armament 1990s conflict.

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Hi people. I'm looking at doing a Serbian T-34 as used in the early to mid 1990s conflict. 

It appears the Serbian army had a standard (almost a pale olive) green that was applied to some but not all of their vehicles including their T-34s. (Or is it just really faded 4BO on their T-34s?)

Does this green have a name? If so what have you folks used as a mix for it on your models? I mainly use Tamiya, Gunze, and Vallejo paints.

I also see Serbian T-34s often had a turret mounted machine gun. In most photos it is easy to make out that it is a Dshk. However in some of the less clear photos the machine gun also appears to be a Browning. Were these .50cal or .30cal? 

Has anyone got any closeup photos of how these machine guns were mounted on the turret too please? A pic of a model would do just fine.


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Genuine 4BO apparently didn't fade much: in fact it apparently darkened with age.  There's a whole website on 4BO here: http://www.4bogreen.com/


I suspect it was a local Yugoslav colour as former Yugoslavia also had much ex-US and ex-German equipment. 


I've just looked up my Star Croatian decal set and that suggests JNA Green as the base colour, which seemed odd as it's far too dark.  Then the penny dropped that JNA is the acronym for the former Yugoslav Army as well as Japanese Naval Aviation!  He doesn't give any paint matches, unhelpfully.  On his colour guide it shows as a distinctly grey green, almost Feldgrau.  


You might look at Humbrol acrylic 78 Cockpit Green.  You could also look at these LifeColors: UA303, FS34094 green; UA437 Dark IDF Green; UA223 & UA224 Faded Olive Drabs.  But there are a zillion different greens out there.

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