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1/72 - Spot On Designs resin kits


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New to me Spot On Designs





Email: [email protected]


Kits - all in 1/72nd scale

In preparation: Hawker P.1128 'huntsman', BAe. SABA., Gunston ASTOVL. and BAE. Tempest etc.

















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Not a television prop but a real presentation made by BAE Systems.  As always, mock-ups don't always get to be real aircraft, and what is happening behind the scenes may not be what is presented in public, but it is genuine enough as things stand.

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On 2/20/2024 at 8:27 AM, scautomoton said:

Dredging this one up, is Spot-on Designs still producing resin kits? The Tempest and Predator look particularly interesting.

I’ve never had any luck contacting him, and his internet domain name is for sale. I’ve given up trying to purchase any of his products.

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