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Aermacchi MB-326 G Reparto Sperimentale Volo - ESCI 1/48.

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Good night to all!

I'm back with my last work, an Aermacchi MB-326 G from the old ESCI (now Italeri) kit in 1/48 scale. The only two aftermarkets that I used are the Neomega cockpit (very poor and inaccurate)... and the 300 litres fuel tanks from SkyModels.


41890798571_f10f330121_b.jpgMB.326-53 by Valerio, su Flickr


41851619872_850e0f30d5_b.jpgMB.326-62 by Valerio, su Flickr


I built from scratch the following elements:




39988809224_5ebff17990_b.jpgMB.326-14 by Valerio, su Flickr


40656415422_19d4c8291e_b.jpgMB.326-21 by Valerio, su Flickr




27022516307_97c09f3e6b_b.jpgMB.326-52 by Valerio, su Flickr


40083599380_b783a15d87_b.jpgMB.326-57 by Valerio, su Flickr


41948979562_c8d152bb5b_b.jpgMB.326-64 by Valerio, su Flickr




39996454874_8f4a4c1ccd_b.jpgMB.326-28 by Valerio, su Flickr


39996454554_c8a864f036_b.jpgMB.326-31 by Valerio, su Flickr


39996453974_c012bdb2ea_b.jpgMB.326-34 by Valerio, su Flickr


38896281200_ae687ed641_b.jpgMB.326-35 by Valerio, su Flickr


Wing Fences


41809715115_cd7044ae93_b.jpgMB.326-68 by Valerio, su Flickr


41809715435_b14382c65f_b.jpgMB.326-70 by Valerio, su Flickr


42709522781_a76e231b11_b.jpgMB.326-69 by Valerio, su Flickr


Canopy structure


41139192400_796a8e8623_b.jpgMB.326-83 by Valerio, su Flickr


41683866690_f52cc3b8c4_b.jpgMB.326-100 by Valerio, su Flickr


Gun Sight


43443884292_72df0cb5ba_b.jpgMB.326-97 by Valerio, su Flickr


43804103821_9f24ace64d_b.jpgMB.326-104 by Valerio, su Flickr


This is the real one....! the Italian Air Force owned only two MB-326 G in the 70 years (RS-19 Matricola Militare 54289 & RS-20 Matricola Militare 54290), assigned to Reparto Sperimentale Volo to test & evaluate the new variant of the aircraft.


26594376938_fe0cd28dd7_b.jpg11998908_442586189260246_7379382820028146589_n by Valerio, su Flickr


And this is the final result! painted with Alclad White Aluminium and Xtracolor X-104 International Orange. Finished with Mr.Paint Satin Varnish. Decals is a mix of Italeri, Small World Accessories & Tauromodel sheets.


43873073745_21f125cbaf_b.jpgMB.326 end-14 by Valerio, su Flickr


42971798070_e3d12b8747_b.jpgMB.326 end-11 by Valerio, su Flickr


30911879418_db61b5b72b_b.jpgMB.326 end-13 by Valerio, su Flickr


43873074855_85c6a88c1f_b.jpgMB.326 end-10 by Valerio, su Flickr


30911880278_7a2f666acc_b.jpgMB.326 end-12 by Valerio, su Flickr


30911880568_88b096723d_b.jpgMB.326 end-9 by Valerio, su Flickr


43873076245_476ebf8774_b.jpgMB.326 end-6 by Valerio, su Flickr


30911881158_18d3f509a2_b.jpgMB.326 end-16 by Valerio, su Flickr


42971800060_d6ecb1e969_b.jpgMB.326 end-15 by Valerio, su Flickr


43858722245_24839a7c6c_b.jpgMB.326 end-1 by Valerio, su Flickr


44049351404_145fb470fc_b.jpgMB.326 end-2 by Valerio, su Flickr


42957904470_4c46e02a11_b.jpgMB.326 end-3 by Valerio, su Flickr


44049351634_1f7d2fc9d7_b.jpgMB.326 end-4 by Valerio, su Flickr


44049352284_cf158cdfbe_b.jpgMB.326 end-7 by Valerio, su Flickr


42957906770_4a8336aae5_b.jpgMB.326 end-8 by Valerio, su Flickr


Hope you'll enjoy!

Thank you! cheers!


Valerio, Rome - Italy.



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A fantastic build of an old but still viable kit.

Your additions show what is possible with these golden oldies and prove they shouldn't be dismissed.

Well done

Thanks for posting


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really nice finish. Interesting that there are aftermarket wing tanks......never knew that.....the 326, is a good base kit....ESCI did make some gems....n the 326 was one of them.....in my opinion.....only for the poor cockpit, it was pretty good



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Fantastic result, Valerio. This is one of my favourite kits, unfortunately let down by its very poor cockpit under that big canopy, but yours looks stunning. I'll be coming back to use this for reference when I build my next one (which will need those aftermarket tanks!).


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You really made a silk purse out of this old sow! The cockpit is outstanding, and the bang seats are works of art. The dropped flaps really add to the effect. Well done! 👍


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